Arter Museum Electric Freight and Car Elevator - Beyoğlu/ İstanbul/ Turkey

Arter, one of the freight arts institutions of Istanbul, and vehicle elevators were designed and implemented by us.

APY Robotic Elevator Istanbul/ Turkey

Our autonomous freight elevator serves in a private hospital. Our elevator, designed for carrying robots and passengers, communicates with the robot and provides automatic operation to the desired floor. After the robot is used, it remains in a ready position again to transport passengers.


Our stretcher lift design which shall enter into service at the helipad in the framework of LÖSEV City project for kids with leukemia by Mesa Mesken A.Ş. in Ankara/İncek has been completed.

Anadolu Hisarı

It is our passenger elevator designed with the special request of our customers and suitable for different atmospheric conditions. Aesthetic details have been carefully applied by ensuring the appearance of marble on the walls of the cabin.


Especially during Ramadan, and pilgrimage sanctuary suffered heavy visitor flow in the first binary group , which was established in 2003 at the entrance of Bab Ajdad lifts of access to the terrace of the pilgrims are achieved .

Showing satisfaction in accordance Babe Safa entrance served two , two -stop electric lift dismantled here penthouse will serve the elevator to the construction of decided and steel structure construction , including the new elevators facilities by our firm were performed .

24 m. Cruise lifts with capacity of 2500kg within the limits of the standard type of saddle is designed and harder .

Each in an elevator , electronically controlled two power units in parallel to serve as a working elevators , and 1.2 m / s speed can be achieved.

İsdemir Steel Factory

Isdemir Steel Factory in Iskenderun has a 630 kg capacity exproof passenger elevator in the tower. Materials to be used compulsorily in hazardous environments must be exproof property. The meaning of the word exproof, are protected against explosion. 

Turkcell - Maltepe

Turkcell Maltepe operations center in 1999 to service all of the drawing rollers are driven by a total of 5 lifts and 1 m / s are rapidly serve .

BAYTUR Inc. ‘s commitments under the facility in the building carried two of the elevators are working in complete steel tower .
Steel tower, panoramic cabin and details Çilingiroglu with Happy architects was designed by PERA ENGINEERING .

İpek Kağıt - Karamürsel

The lift cylinder is driven by a single-stage , 15 ton carrying capacity ile13 , serves on a cruising range of 15m . In Karamürsel , located on the waterfront at the factory with machinery during construction of piles 15m deep pit made ​​and isolated cylinder 700mm in diameter casing is sealed by placing in plumb . The 1999 earthquake , there has been no problem living in the elevator . Elevator, our own design , which opened up the third panel is equipped with electronically controlled doors .
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