Headquartered in Istanbul, Pera Engineering since 1992 and has been active in lifts . Today large and professional staff , having a common service network Pere especially all kinds of engineering design of hydraulic lifts , installation, modernization, maintenance and service sector in the sense have great references .

Signatory to many international organizations, joint work with Pera Engineering, all innovations in their field by following the highest quality and most economical service to customers is committed to .

All in Turkey as well as abroad, providing services in the Pera Engineering, standards of production, as well as the special needs extraordinary demands on a project basis , by designing the most advanced technology and manufactured lift systems, facilities and property services after extensive staff and maintenance is done by ..

The facility we established in accordance with international standards , which facilitate operation of the system , economic and quality , replacement parts readily available equipment are used.

Lift Directive 95/16/EC of our activities and LIFTINSTITUUT ( http://www.liftinstituut.nl/?lang=3 ) as documented by Annex XIII (HR Module) and TS- EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System ( elevators to the Total Quality assurance) and facility completed in line continues to lift the “CE” mark are iliştirmekt .

Our company also has a say in the elevator industry to the Elevator and Escalator Industry Association ( AYSAD ) members .

Elevator technology needs and expectations of our experience will provide the best solution .

Sincerely most sincere ;