Advantages of Hydraulic Lifts

-The machine room of the elevator can be freely selected anywhere on the building, but it is preferred that it is adjacent to the well.

-In the roof construction, the hydraulic elevator gives freedom to the architects, it is also possible to reach the terrace floor of the elevator.

-The drive motor runs only when the lift is moving up. In the downward direction, the system moves with its own weight. This advantage allows the vehicle to move downwards without any additional sources of energy (such as power cuts, fuse blows).

-The landing speed can be increased without depending on the output speed. This advantage can be used to increase building traffic without increasing engine power.

-In the first motion, the oil that is pumped by the pump returns to the tank, so the lift (demagnetization) of the drive motor is approximately unloaded. For this reason, the star / triangle connection of the motor is possible.

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